Choosing your video production services in Portland

Portland is a great town for video production. We have a wide variety of services to choose from, including many creative agencies, animation studios, videographers, editors, and marketing companies. So how do you decide which is for you and your business? How do you know what the top video production companies in Portland are? I'll dive into that in this article.

Film Studios in Portland

Video production comes in many forms in Portland. Small businesses however may want to avoid any company that calls themselves a "film studio" or otherwise used the word "film" in their title. These tend to be either wedding videographers, or actual movie studios that do narrative or documentary production, and lack the necessary agility of modern businesses. These are not typically going to be a good fit for commercials, ads, about us videos, brand videos, and ongoing content creation.

Portland Video Production Companies

These tend to be the sweet spot for businesses, but you have to beware. A "video production company" could just be a solo videographer with limited experience, or they could offer many services such as animation, brand videos, and advertising. Video production companies have the largest range in what they could be. So do your research and know what you need.

Full Service Video Production Companies in Portland

While no company is going to name themselves a "full service video production company," they may reference it on their website. A company like this tends to offer just video production, but in a complete, in house package deal. That includes concept development, pre-production, location scouting, production/filming, and post production/editing. While they do help with creative vision, it is important to note that a company like this is not a marketing agency. Usually their team specializes in music videos, advertising, and general video production.

Marketing Agencies in Portland

Marketing materials these days are mostly digital, and having video is key to any marketing plan. However, be aware that a "marketing company" may just be a web design agency that hires whatever video production company is cheapest. This is not always the case however, and marketing agencies can offer a variety of services to their clients including web design, advertising, sales assistance, print creative, graphic design, video production, and more. They may cost more or less than a production company depending on if their talent is in house or if they outsource their work, but it's worth looking into if you don't know what videos to create or how to get them seen.

Animation Studios in Portland

One of the video production services you may require is animation. This is useful for explainer videos, especially if you run a SaaS company. Whether you are marketing or advertising your company, telling your product's story, or just looking to be more creative, animation can help. It can get your point across quickly and efficiently. One downside of animation is that it is far pricier than video productions.

Web Design Companies in Portland

Why bring these up? As mentioned, a web design company might have a good connection to talented creatives and video production companies in Portland that will shorten your search. So If you are looking to get your website redone anyway, it might be a good idea to start with this type of company.

The Portland Oregon Benefit

There is a benefit to doing video productions locally in Portland. That is that many of these companies will have a positive company culture, easy going demeanor, and positive attitude, yet still be professional, creative, and have a highly responsive team that specializes in film and video production. It's kind of the Portland spirit!

What is the Best Video Production Company?

Knowing the best video production company for your business is tricky. As we've covered, there are multiple video production services you may require. Do you need a videographer, or a full service video production company? A production team, or a creative agency? A marketing company, or an animation content studio?

The team at Left Mind Media would like to be considered for your next project. We pride ourselves on our work, and we will offer you a free marketing audit in which you will walk away with a solid plan on what your customer's journey should be. So click here to contact us today.

January 25, 2023
from our office in
Portland, OR

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