Why are we talking about web design? Because it is a vital component to your success online. Web designers are critical partners when it comes to getting your videos viewed, and having the wrong website design can hurt you in the long run.

I have taken a personal interest in optimizing websites and landing pages for conversion, and can pretty quickly tell you what I would change. That being said, you may opt for another company's website design services. In this article I'll cover what types of services Portland has to offer.

Web Designers Portland

For starters, you can hire many freelancers in Portland who specialize in web design. These are going to be small businesses or individuals who offer web design services, web development, SEO (search engine optimization) services, custom websites, wordpress development, and possibly graphic design. These are generally solopreneurs, which can be good or bad. On the one hand, your business will get a lot of flexibility and individualized attention. On the other hand, if your website goes down and they are working on another project or hard to contact, your site could be down for awhile. Weigh how responsive a website designer is and how much traffic your site typically gets when choosing a company or freelancer like this.

Digital Marketing And Portland Web Design

When it comes to digital marketing concepts and web design, Portland Oregon is a great city to be in. There are a multitude of digital marketing businesses of all sizes. If your company has specific needs, there is likely a digital marketing company just for you. For example, if you need ecommerce solutions, if you are a small business, if you need a new website or SEO services, marketing, social media marketing, for non profits, brand development, or any other number of things. A digital marketing agency will likely have a focus on social media marketing concepts, like advertising either organically or - more likely - via paid avenues. They are more concerned with developing brands, and generating sales through paid marketing materials and strategic planning.

Marketing Company Vs. Web Designer

Here we're going to differentiate a "Marketing Company" from a "Digital Marketing Company." While both rely on digital marketing, the term "digital marketing" usually refers to paid media, or ads. A marketing firm will look holistically at all of your marketing and make determinations from there based on your business goals. That includes printed materials, creative solutions, design, branding, and of course, web design. If your business require more than just a web design agency, this could be the way for you to go.

Important Things To Keep In Mind With Your Web Design Project

There are several things you may want to consider when working closely with your web designer:

  • Responsive design: Websites need to be able to be viewed properly on mobile devices. This is where responsive design comes in. If your website is "responsive" that means that it scales properly and changes the look as necessary when the screen size gets small. Make sure your web designer can create this for you.
  • Great communication: If your web designer doesn't pick up the phone immediately, that is an issue. If your site goes down for any reason, you need to know about it.
  • Marketing Knowledge: As discussed above, the various types of companies have various levels of marketing knowledge. Determine what your business needs are.
  • Inclusion of video: Of course, do their samples include video? Have they worked with a videographer who knows what he/she is doing? This will tell you if they know just how powerful video is.


Effective web design is difficult to come by. But there are several companies we at Left Mind Media have partnered with who all have shown great skill, knowledge of business online, and will go the extra mile for their clients. We partner with many of them, and will match you to the web designer best suited for your needs when you work with us. We even design some websites in house!

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January 27, 2023
from our office in
Portland, OR

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