Whether you offer unique products or services, becoming a successful business means facing the facts of today's cutthroat market. You must learn to connect with your audience and stand out from the competition. It also means creating a unique and enjoyable user experience. 

Today, one doesn't solely rely on a fancy logo or catchy slogan to attract customers. You must also give them high-quality videos because people love visual content. And you can do so by collaborating with a professional video production company. 

If you're ready to propel your business to victors and leave your competitors crying, this article will define video marketing and how to use it to connect with your audience. We'll also discuss some types of corporate and customer acquisition videos. 

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing has become crucial for businesses and organizations' advertising and marketing strategies. Moving pictures are perfect for sharing a brand's story or explaining a complicated product or service. They’re also versatile in helping companies gain exposure. 

Moreover, videos can showcase a product, offer detailed instructions, or feature customer feedback. When you partner with a compelling video production company, this marketing strategy can attract new customers and enhance brand recognition.

3 Tips to Use Video Creation to Connect with Your Audience

After describing video marketing, this section will provide three helpful tips on using video creation to connect with your target audience. 

1. Prioritize Your Message

Before focusing on production value, you must always focus on the message's clarity. This step means knowing what you want to communicate, your intended audience, and what specific action you want your viewers to take. Once you understand these critical elements, you can consider how to visually present your message to connect with your target audience effectively. From there, you can also start conceptualizing a compelling script. 

2. Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet 

Let's face it; most people have the attention span of a goldfish in today's fast-paced world. When viewers don't get what they want when they click on your content, they'll leave and find someone else who can satisfy their needs. And you can keep them returning for more by keeping your videos brief and straightforward. It also means keeping them interested throughout your video. You can accomplish this by incorporating comedy or sharing a business anecdote. 

3. Ensure It's High-Quality 

Many seek high-quality items and content in today’s fast-paced world of cheap things. And your videos aren’t an exception. You can make your video content successful by ensuring your content has good lighting, sound, and editing. You can also rely on a professional video production company to create high-quality, affordable videos. 

What Are the Types of Corporate Videos?

Businesses can use corporate video production for employee training, explaining complex concepts, customer onboarding, and video ads. These videos help them promote their products or services, onboard new employees, build customer relationships, and positively showcase their brand. 

Testimonial videos showcase satisfied customers and build trust. In contrast, product demo videos give an up-close look at how a product works and highlight its unique features. Whereas brand videos help build brand awareness and drive sales. On the other hand, event videos capture the energy of live events and provide valuable insights for employees and customers.

What Are the Types of Customer Acquisition Videos?

Different video production services include customer acquisition, customer demonstration or support, audience education, showcasing a product’s value, and winning trust and confidence. You can use these videos for various purposes like generating leads, closing sales, providing valuable information, and building trust with potential customers.


Your company videos can make or break your business's success. You can gain a competitive advantage by keeping your videos high-quality, simple, and straightforward and working with a professional video production company. 

If your business needs high-quality video production in Portland, Oregon, work with Left Mind Media! Besides creating quality videos, we’re marketing experts committed to helping you sell your product and establishment. Request a quote now!

June 21, 2023
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